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Show menu names in
Check the device status
  1. File1 > Preferences2 > Devices3
  2. Status must be Good4
If it isn't Good, then click the question icon next to it for further information. If status remains red, then please report a bug.
Change play mode to default
  1. Right-click first icon in status bar1
  2. Set play mode to default (speakers and microphone)2
Let Soundpad measure your voice volume
  1. File1 > Preferences2 > Audio3
  2. Click button4
  3. Follow instructions in Soundpad
  4. Click stop button to finish measurement
The voice volume should be above 74 dB, otherwise certain voice applications may filter out played sounds misinterpreting them as background noise. If your measured voice volume is lower than 74 dB, it is recommended to increase the overall microphone volume in Windows.
Disable options like Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation in your voice app.

Here are detailed guides for specific voice apps:
  1. Press and hold the Push-to-Talk button in the game or voice chat
  2. Then play the sound
  3. Or set up Auto Keys to let Soundpad press and hold the Push-to-Talk key for you
Select the same device as in the voice app
  1. Your computer apparently has more than one recording device.
  2. Ensure, that Soundpad is enabled on the microphone, that you use in your games and voice chats.
See here how to set it up.
Send us the diagnostic report for further analysis
  1. Help1 > Troubleshooting2
  2. Save the diagnostic report to a text file.3
  3. Report a bug and upload the text file there.