3.8 Text to speech

You can play and save generated voice lines with the integrated text to speech panel.

Soundpad uses system voices, which are already installed on your computer.

3.8.1 Usage

Do one of the following to open the text to speech panel:

  • Press Ctrl+T
  • Select WindowText to speech from the menu.
Screenshot of the text to speech panel Screenshot of the text to speech panel
Click on
to open the voice selection and additional options.

3.8.2 Playing voice lines

Type in the text to be played and then:
  • Press Enter to preview the text. It will be played on the speakers only.
  • Press Ctrl+Enter to play the text on speakers and microphone.
    Playing on speakers and microphone is the default behavior, but it can be changed by setting the play mode to speakers only or to microphone only.
  • You may also play the text from the toolbar, as long as the TTS panel has focus, by clicking on
  • Define special hotkeys to play the text even if Soundpad isn't the active window.
Click on
to add the generated voice line to the sound list.
The recorder preferences, e.g. the target directory or the file format, are applied when saving TTS sounds. You can configure it at FilePreferencesRecorder.

3.8.2 Adding voices

See here.

3.8.3 Alternative

Try the free standalone Text-To-Speech app, which plays sounds in Soundpad from different voice providers like Amazon, Google or IBM.