3 Tutorial

3.6 Play mode

The play mode defines if sounds are played on speakers only, microphone only or on both when they are played by hotkey, double-click, enter or play button from the toolbar.

3.6.1 What it can be used for

When you have a sound in mind, that you want to play to others, but you are not sure about the hotkey, you assigned to it, then you can quickly switch the play mode to speakers only, try the hotkey to see if it is the desired sound, switch back to speakers and microphone and play the sound to others.

3.6.2 Usage

The play mode is the first icon in the status bar. When you move your mouse cursor above it, a tooltip will show the active play mode.
Play mode icon hover

You can change the play mode by left-clicking or right-clicking the first icon in the status bar.
Play mode icon right-click

Another way to change the play mode is to define special hotkeys, with which you can:

  • Set play mode to default (speakers and microphone)
  • Set play mode to speakers
  • Set play mode to microphone
  • Switch to next play mode

Setting the play mode by hotkey will give you an acoustic notification, that you can disable or change at File ▷ Preferences ▷ Notifications.
When you play the first sound after application start and the play mode is not set to default (speakers and microphone), then you will be remembered by an acoustic notification about the active play mode. This notification can be disabled in the notifications preferences by unchecking Notify me when playing first sound after application start.

3.6.3 Switch to next play mode

The behavior of the special hotkey Switch to next play mode can be further configured at File ▷ Preferences ▷ Interface ▷ Play mode ▷ Hotkey switches between...

E.g. one option is to set it to default and speakers, so you can quickly switch from speakers and microphone to speakers and back with the use of just one hotkey.