5 Uninstallation

Uninstall by Windows' control panel

This is the guide for Windows 10, but different versions like Home or Professional may look differently.
  1. Click on the start menu
  2. Click on the the gear icon to open up the Settings window
  3. Choose System
  4. Choose Apps & features
  5. Select Soundpad and click on Uninstall
  6. Confirm the uninstalltion in the upcoming prompt
  7. At the end you will be prompted to restart your system

Uninstall by installer

Run the installer and choose Remove in the wizard.

Screenshot Uninstall Step 1

Administrator privileges are required to uninstall Soundpad.
By clicking on Remove you will see a prompt to allow the uninstallation.

Screenshot Uninstall Step 2

Soundpad has been uninstalled successfully. You are almost done.

Screenshot Uninstall Step 3

A system restart is required to complete the uninstallation.
If you choose No and postpone the restart, this won't have any negative effects to your system, except that the driver components of Soundpad may remain locked on the hard drive until the restart.

Screenshot Uninstall Step 4