Error code 88890008


Unsupported audio format


This error can occur when you try to record what you hear with the Sound Recorder.


You may try the things mentioned below, but if they don't help or if you need or want to use specific channel counts or specific audio effects, then there is unfortunately nothing we can do about it, because the audio drivers of your sound card just don't support loopback recording.

What you can try

The error most commonly occurs on computers with USB headphones or sound cards with 7.1 channels. You can try to change the output from stereo to 7.1 or from 7.1 to stereo in the software of your audio drivers and loopback recording might begin to work.

This solution was reported by a user with an Astro A50 headset, that was connected to the computer with an optical cable.

  1. Press Win+R > mmsys.cpl
    Screenshot of how to run mmsys.cpl
  2. Double-click your speakers
    Screenshot of playback device selection
  3. Go to the Advanced tab and uncheck Enable audio enhancements
    Screenshot of dialog with spatial sound options

As this issue is sound card specific, you may try to search the web for the error code and your sound card, because there are special solutions for certain devices, e.g. for the Razer Kraken 7.1 Headset.