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Let Soundpad measure your voice volume
  1. File1 > Preferences2 > Audio3
  2. Click button4
  3. Follow instructions in Soundpad
  4. Click stop button to finish measurement
  5. Apply the changes
The voice volume should be above 74 dB, otherwise certain voice applications may filter out played sounds misinterpreting them as background noise. If your measured voice volume is lower than 74 dB, it is recommended to increase the overall microphone volume in Windows.
  1. Right-click Zoom icon in system tray1 > Settings2 > Audio3
  2. Run mic test4
  3. Play a sound in Soundpad on the microphone only. You should hear it in Zoom now.
  4. Advanced5
  5. Change different filter settings, e.g. Suppress Persistent Background Noise6, Supress Intermittent Background Noise7, Echo cancellation8, until your voice and the sounds have a good quality.