4 Miscellaneous

4.1 Files

Working files

Located at %Appdata%\Leppsoft, which is equal to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Leppsoft. Soundpad stores a working copy of the current sound list, backups of the sound list and the stats at this location. It's the predefined location for recordings, too.

Application files

Located at the installation directory, which you chose when installing Soundpad.
The default directory is C:\Program Files\Soundpad or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Soundpad.

  • Folder languages: Contains translations.
  • Folder sounds: Contains some demo and notification sounds.
  • File Soundpad.exe: The main executable with the graphical user interface.
  • File SoundpadService.exe: Handles hotkeys and auto keys. Is automatically launched and closed by Soundpad.
  • File UniteFx.dll: The driver extension component.
  • File TTS.dll: Handles text to speech synthesizing.

Instance files

Located at C:\ProgramData\Leppsoft\Soundpad.

  • Contains driver logs and crash dumps.
  • File license.dat: Upon registering a full version of Soundpad this file removes the trial limitations.

Driver extension files

As of version 2.4.6 the driver extension component UniteFx.dll (or UniteFxUpdate.dll in the Steam edition) is copied to %WinDir%\system32\UniteFx.dll, which is equal to C:\Windows\system32\UniteFx.dll. This fixes critical issues, which prevent Soundpad from working. The driver extension component is then loaded up by the system.

Special files

The SoundpadService.exe is copied to %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Soundpad, which is equal to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Soundpad. This directory is write-protected by default, and allows this higher privileged component of Soundpad to run in compliance with the Windows Integrity Mechanism Design.

4.2 Stats

Each time you play a sound on the microphone the sound's play count is increased and its last played date is updated. This helps you to keep track of often and less often played sounds, so you don't annoy your friends by playing the same sound over and over again.

You can show the play count and the date when a sound was played the last time by right-clicking the sound list header and selecting Play count and Last played on.

The stats are saved at %APPDATA%\Leppsoft\stats.spl.
Stats are persisted beyond sound lists, but get lost when you move a sound file from one hard drive partition to another.

Stats are stored locally and can be reset for particular sounds by selecting the sounds, right-clicking one of them and selecting Reset play count from the context menu.
You may also show the all-time play count by selecting File ▶ Stats ▶ Show all-time play count from the menu. The count will be shown in the status bar.
You can reset all play counts by selecting File ▶ Stats ▶ Reset play count from the menu. This menu entry is followed by a confirmation dialog.

4.3 Updates

This section is for the standalone version. The Steam edition of Soundpad is updated through the Steam Client.

You can check for updates manually by selecting Help ▶ Check for updates from the menu.

You can also turn on automatic update checks in the preferences at File ▶ Preferences ▶ Updates. You can choose between Never, which is the default, Daily and Weekly update checks.
The check is done once a day or once a week on application startup. When an update is found, you will see it in the status bar and can then start the update by selecting HelpCheck for updates from the menu.

If you don't want to grant Soundpad an internet connection, then you can always download the latest version from here and install it onto your current version. The installer will keep your settings untouched.

4.4 Registering the full version

After purchasing the full version you will receive your serial number by email.

Download and install the free version of Soundpad if you haven't done that already.
Now, you can unlock the paid features in two ways:

  • Start Soundpad and select Help ▶ Register from the menu. Then enter your serial number there. This way requires an internet connection to the registration server.
  • Without granting an internet connection to Soundpad, you may visit the registration page and follow the instructions there.