Help > FAQ > How do I access sound card enhancements like Noise Reduction?
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It's vendor and operating system dependent if enhancements are accessible in the Enhancements tab in Windows' Device Properties dialog after you've installed Soundpad.
You can access them with this instruction:
  1. Start Soundpad.
  2. File > Preferences > Devices
  3. Uncheck the Use-checkbox next to the device, whose enhancements you want to configure.
  4. Apply the changes without restart.
  5. If you left the above mentioned Windows' Property dialog opened, then close it and reopen it again.
  6. Now the Enhancements tab should be accessible.
After you have made your changes there, you can go back to Soundpad and re-enable its functionality for your device.
But, if you mean vendor specific enhancement options in their own applications, e.g. Realtek HD Audio-Manager, then the above mentioned solution is not sufficient and you need to restart your system after disabling Soundpad for the device in question. In case of the Realtek example this only is a convenience issue, because Realtek also provides their enhancement options in Windows' Enhancements tab, which is accessible by above mentioned instruction.